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Where to find our products?

In France, nearly 90% of retail stores that specialize in underwater sports sell our products. If there is no store near your home, feel free to contact us and we will gladly direct you to the closest retailer. We can also ship products to you if you are a professional diving centre, with free shipping for orders over 60kg.
Outside France, if you are a dealer or service provider: the list of our wholesale distributors is available on demand.
If you are a wholesale distributor outside of France, we are still looking for wholesaler-importers for several geographic areas (Germany and the United Kingdom among others).

How to obtain our priced catalog?

(available only for professionals): contact us.

Assess your needs in ballasting systems

Ballasting is there to compensate the buoyancy of your neoprene wetsuit.

In the case of scuba diving with a buoyancy compensator (BCD), the calculation of your weighting system is rather simple. Note that an excessive ballasting can be compensated thanks to the BCD.

In spearfishing and freediving, your weighting system will be dependent upon:

  • the thickness of your wetsuit

  • your corpulence and weight-for-height ratio. For equal weight, a tall thin person will be wearing a more substantial mass of neoprene than a short corpulent person and will therefore need more ballasting

  • the depth at which you are diving (between 0 and 6 meters, beyond 6 meters)

  • your experience and ability to descend the first meters

  • even if it makes the descent easier, beware not to overballast yourself so you won’t feel tired when ascending back. Note that fresh water requires less ballasting than salt water.

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We are happy to send the electronic version of our catalog to specialized shops and diving centres upon request.

Where to find our products?

We will inform you on the specialized retailers who sell our products and are located near your place of residence upon request.


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