About us

Sublest is a small-scale company based in the West of France and specialized in the production of lead weights and ballasting accessories for diving and spearfishing. We sell our items through shops specializing in underwater sports. This distributing network enables us to be present on 95% of French territory including overseas. We also have a few retailers in Europe (Scandinavia, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain). Do feel free to let us know if you cannot find your local retailer!

After an attempt from 2008 to 2018 to produce and sell completely lead-free items, we have had to redirect nearly all our production towards equivalent lead objects. We had observed that the great majority of users were not interested in lead-free equipment. Nevertheless we did keep our stainless steel shot products as this material has a much lesser impact than lead shot weights. This stainless steel shot is used to ballast our harness vests, as well as our ankle and neck weights.

Our main raw material which is lead, is supplied by companies that respect the French environmental regulations. The plastic used for coated items is in conformity with the RoHS regulation. The lead weights are easily recyclable, including the coated versions, as the plastic coating is intentionally not glued and it can be simply cut away. However this plastic coat itself is not recyclable and it must be discarded in the all-purpose waste bin. Your old lead weights can be brought to the metal dumpster at your local recycling center.

Our products are made with materials that originate from France for 85%; and more than 90% of the processing happens in our own workshops.


We are happy to send the electronic version of our catalog to specialized shops and diving centres upon request.

Where to find our products?

We will inform you on the specialized retailers who sell our products and are located near your place of residence upon request.


56700 Merlevenez, France