Ballasting accessories

Ankle weights

Lead weights

The curve-shaped, hardened lead is assembled on a solid silicone strap with a double pin buckle. This ankle weight is available in 350g and 500g.

Sublest Lests cheville plomb LCP 500

LCP 500
Weight 500g

LCP 500 N
Black plastic coated lead. Weight 500g



Stainless steel soft shot weights

Our ankle weights include pouches filled with stainless steel soft shot, a double Velcro closing system and a buckle assembled on an elastic strap.

Available in 4 versions:

  • 500g (reference PCGI 500)
  • 500g with long strap (reference PCGI 500 L)
  • 750g (reference PCGI 750)
  • 1kg (reference PCGI 1000)

Sublest Lests chevilles PCGI

Signal buoy weights

300g lead weight with a stainless steel ring. Sold in plain lead or plastic coated version.

2 versions:

  • Plain lead (reference LP 300)
  • Yellow plastic coated (reference LP 300 J)

Stainless steel carabiner ballast

This lead ballast can be used as a ballast in diving learning situations or as a marking weight for spearfishing. The stainless steel carabiner is equipped with a large opening suitable for use while wearing gloves.

Exists in 2 versions :

  • Plain lead (reference LMI 1000)
  • Yellow plastic coated (reference LMI 1000 J).

Weight: 1 kg

Quick-release weights

Lead weight for spearfishing. This weight doesn’t move once the sandow bungee cord is flapped down. Exists in 2 versions :

  • Plain lead (referencePPR 1000)
  • Black plastic coated (reference PPR 1000 N)

Weight: 1kg

Harness vest ballasting

Lead plate for Seac Sub and Sporasub brands weight vests.
Exists in 2 versions:

  • Plain lead (reference PAV 700)
  • Black plastic coated (reference PAV 700 N)

Weight: 700g
Dimensions: 12.8x6x0.8cm

Lead sole

Lead sole for diving suit
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimensions: Length 29cm, thickness 0.5cm

Reference SEM 1500

Weight for swimming pool practice

Stainless steel shot pouch with a holding strap for swimming pool training.

Weight 3kg

Reference LP 3000

Lead pig-iron

Semi-spherical lead pig-iron weights with a solid A2 grade or A4 grade (304 or 316, at your request) stainless steel ring. They can be made with a weight from 5kg to 18kg, going up per steps of 500g. The small size from 5kg to 9kg has a diameter of 11cm and a height varying from 6 to 8cm. The bigger size from 10kg to 18kg has a diameter of 17cm and a height varying from 9 to 11cm.

Minimum order 5 pieces for each size requested. Please consult with (contact us) us for your order.

Reference GP followed by the requested weight.


Umbrella grapple

Subklest grappin parapluie GPA 700

GPA 700
Galvanized umbrella grapple, 0.7kg

GPA 1500
Galvanized umbrella grapple, 1.5kg

Sublest kit KGP 700 This kit includes a 0.7kg umbrella grapple + 20m of floating polypropylene halyard (rope) + 1 floating reel + 1 stainless steel carabiner, all these in a black padded bag.


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