Sublest baudriers chasse sous-marineSublest - lest de ceinture et poches grenaille

A complete range of lead weights as well as diving and spearfishing equipment

Welcome to Sublest, a French company which specializes in weighting systems for diving and spearfishing. We offer a wide range of coated and uncoated belt weights, harnesses, ankle weights, weight vests, and belts.

Our range of lead weights is available in coated and uncoated versions. We cater for divers who are looking for high quality products, specifically for products that are long-lasting; our designs allow for comfort and a low wear-and-tear of diving suits. The origin of our products’ composing materials is 85% French, while more than 90% of the product processing happens in our own workshops.

Belt weights

Sublest groupe-lest ceinture plastifiés

Soft weights

Harnesses and vests

Sublest Gilet baudrier 6 poches vide avec lestsSublest Gilet baudrier GBD6P CAMO MSSublest GBD6P fluo


Ballasting accessories

Sublest lest à mousqueton inox plastifié jaune 1kgSublest lest parachute 300g jauneSublest lest à largage rapide 1kg


We are happy to send the electronic version of our catalog to specialized shops and diving centres upon request.

Where to find our products?

We will inform you on the specialized retailers who sell our products and are located near your place of residence upon request.


56700 Merlevenez, France