Why do we replace « lead » by another metal?

You have lead weights and you think they almost do not contaminate. Don’t you believe it! This metal corrodes slightly but coat which is oxidized in area is sensitive to abrasion (rubbing of your weights against an abrasive surface (concrete, sand, rock)) and to alternations of moistening then drying and releases thin lead particles. This deterioration phenomenon is visible when you merely scrub lead weight with the hand. It deals with small particles but lead is strongly toxic in small amounts and it enters in food chain of aquatic environments.

Currently, occidental norms concerning the use of bad metal and in particular use of lead are more and more restrictive. Thus, this metal is only used for limited line of business such as nuclear industry, cars’ batteries and of course in our leisure (hunting, fishing, nautical and sub aquatic sports). Substitutes, mostly ferrous, are already available in such leisure and are used for similar functions. Some Northern European countries have already implemented strict restrictions on lead use for leisure. A broad diffusion of reliable substitutes will allow planning rapidly a global ban for these uses.

What is used to replace lead?

Cast iron (iron+ carbon) is one of the materials the less harmful for aquatic environment. Its density is lower than for lead density but your needs to ballast are not strongly modified: indeed from 5 to 10% more of cast iron weight is required compared to lead weights.

Reliability of our products:

Protection of our products against corrosion is obtained thanks to combination of 2 solutions:

- a strong thickness of plastic which is not exactly back-breaking and resisting to abrasion. The average thickness of plastic coat represents 3mm, or even 4mm for parts more exposed to shocks.
- Cast iron benefits from an anticorrosive treatment in order to make cast iron shelf life last in case water enters accidently under plastic thickness.

We can also warranty better shelf life for our products compared to all plastic coated lead weights now available and at a clearly fewer environmental cost. We also thought about solutions to recycle our products. Plastic coat does not stick to cast iron and can be removed (thanks to / with the help of a cutter) to be recycled in a different circuit from this of metals.

What do the inscriptions « LEAD FREE » and « PVC FREE » mean?

“LEAD FREE” means that our product does not contain any lead substance.

“PVC FREE” means that our product does not contain plastic such as “polyvinyl chloride” often called “vinyl”. We did not make the choice to produce with PVC plastic as its production and its incineration leads on harmful chlorine discharges for the environment.

These two designations symbolize our commitment concerning sustainable development. We are planning to add one more during 2011 about neutral carbon due to our production.

Calculate your ballasting weight

Since cast iron density is lower than lead density, needs to ballast are lightly modified compared to lead weights. Indeed you just have to ballast from 5% (in soft water) to 10% (in sea) more using cast iron weights.


Our buckle weights range (to slip into strap belts) is proposed at inferior or equal prices compared to plastic coated lead weights. On average, you will find buckle weights at prices between 7 and 9€/ kg (depending on unit weight and to distribution channel).

Will the lead-free range answer to every sub aquatic sports needs?

We launch a range of ballasts as complete as possible in order to meet special demand such as: ankle weights, soft weight for buoyancy or soft belts. And we are planning to launch ballast to slip into harness for hunting or for dry suits…

Our objectives are to satisfy your expectations. To do so, our quality demand reaches its maximum.

Where can you find our products?

Our weight range distribution is planned to reach all shops specialised in sub aquatic sports in Europe and elsewhere.

IF YOU ARE DIVERS: if need be, we invite you to make our products know by your usual distributor giving him website reference. Your arguments will also help you to convince your divers, free divers and hunter friends. If you don’t know where to find our products, contact us, we will orientate you towards the nearest distributor (wholesaler or retailer).

IF YOU ARE RETAILER OR SERVICE PROVIDER: if need be, just contact us to get our wholesalers list. If you want to know suppliers names, contact us, we will orientate you towards the nearest distributor (wholesaler or retailer). Otherwise, we propose you another solution which is a direct delivery from 100kg for a short term.

IF YOU ARE FOREIGN WHOLESALER: we are still looking for wholesaler-importer for several places (in theory one or two for one country).

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